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18V LI-ION HVLP Sprayer


► Quick Fill of paint directly to paint container;
► Adjustable nozzle provide 3 different type of spray patterns: vertical, horizontal, and circular;
► Adjustable width of spray patterns;
► Adjustable knob to regulate paint flow;
► Nozzle tip detachable for cleaning or replacement;
► Overmold soft grip handle;
► Quick release head for easy cleaning up;

Cup Capacity:900ml
Water Flow Rate:700ml/min
Max. Viscosity: 60Din-s
Standard Nozzle Size:2.5mm
Battery Pack Spec.:18VDC  Li-Ion,  2.0Ah, or above
Runtime:≥8.5 Minutes @ 2.0Ah Battery pack
Battery Charger :VDE plug, power cord: H03VVH2-F, 2x0.5mm2, L=1.8m. 
Fast charge: 90min
Battery protection PCB:Included based on standard battery pack